Is it possible to earn money with Rows through sales commission through the template in site Rows?

Hi. I would like to create models and charge a fee for maintaining the models. The idea would be a sales commission that could be returned to the community. For example, I create a template x that has a value of 25 dollars, 5 dollars would go back to the Rows platform. That is, if someone buys the model for 25 dollars, 5 dollars would return to the Rows platform as I said.

In addition, it would offer as an extra option the maintenance or customization of new data models for something around $25+ per month. That is, people can pay something like 25 dollars without maintenance and support or customization. And you can pay another $25 for maintenance and support.

In this case, if the person wants more than 25 dollars for support, maintenance and customization, I can offer a good monthly discount for that. These would be two paths so that there is the possibility of greater integration of things in the Rows.

I wanted to know if this idea is possible.

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Hey @negog79394 :wave:t4: thanks for reaching out. We do get this asked from time to time but I’m afraid we don’t have a direct way to accommodate this yet :sweat_smile:

Perhaps you could upvote this feature request here — Paywall | Rows

Alternatively, we’ve also seen a few Rows experts join this space over at Heep to offer their services — Browse Rows experts on Heep

Hope this info helps.


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@sourabh thank you for feedback ;D you is amazing.

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