Introduce yourselves here!

Hello, everyone! :wave:

We created this space for you to introduce yourselves to other spreadsheet enthusiasts and to welcome others. Here you can share a little more about yourself, and the neat things you’re doing with Rows! :rocket:

Need some inspiration for your introduction? Here are a few prompts:

  • What do you use Rows for? :thinking:
  • What is your industry and role?
  • What’s the most fun/interesting spreadsheet you’ve ever created?

A few important notes:


I’ll start :slight_smile:

I’m Rée, originally from Canada! :canada:
I’ve recently joined Rows on the Community team and am very very happy to be here :relaxed:

Before Rows, I worked in social media, so made a loooooot of spreadsheets for analytics.

The most interesting spreadsheet I’ve ever made was 5+ years ago when I was really into World of Warcraft. I made a spreadsheet that would show me the skill changes for my character when I used different armor and weapons.

I think it worked well, as I had the highest DPS in the guild at the time! (Yes, I’m still bragging about this 5+ years later :sweat_smile:)


Heyo, people! :wave:t4:

I’m Sourabh — your friendly, neighbourhood spreadsheet nerd :nerd_face: who loves pizzas, documentation, cycling & workarounds (not necessarily in that order).

Next month, I’d be completing 1 whole year as a No-Code Builder at Rows :muscle:t4: and parts of what I do involves working closely with our users to help them build their apps on our spreadsheets, support new and existing users with all their concerns, run around the Product team yelling “we need this (or that) feature”, recommend new and improved ways with which we can shape the world of spreadsheets & yes, push the limits of what can be build using our platform :fire:

If there’s one image that sums up a BIG chunk of my personality, it’s this -

image credits: poorlydrawnlines
idea stolen from: codinghorror’s blog

Over the last few months I’ve been spending a ridiculously increasing amount of time trying to understand how the world of investing in domain names work — if you’re a fellow domain addict, i’d love to hear from you :raised_hands:t4:
You’re free to DM me even if you’re not though :innocent:

P.S. I’ve been told that I have a “Strong GIF game” and no, I never stop bragging about it :grimacing:


Hi I’m Joe!

I’m from New York (the state not the city) and work in Search Engine Optimization, specifically dealing with larger e-commerce sites.

I stumbled upon Rows while searching for ways to improve data collection and building dashboards for clients. Right now, I only have one main sheet set up, where I can pull YoY performance from Google Search Console for a specified amount of days. Makes grabbing that data a lot easier! Currently working on a semi-automated keyword ranker as well, where we can input a list of keywords, and it tells us what the top 3 are, and automatically formats them in a way where we can easily add it to our rank tracking solution.

I’m more and more interested in the no-code movement, and excited to see what Rows has coming in the future! (Specifically excited for data visualization and drop-down boxes!)


Hi Joe! Welcome to the community and thanks for posting an intro! Hopefully one of our members will see what you’re trying to build and can help out. Looking forward to seeing you around and what you build! :smiley:


Hi I’m Sean. I’m building a new software product. I’ve built two software-based companies in the past, in social network analysis and agricultural automation. I’ve always had a technical co-founder, but now I’m working on something where I want to build the alpha prototype myself using low and no code solutions. I’m very interested in Rows and impressed so far, especially with the json-native capabilities.


Hi Sean! Welcome to the community! We’re very happy to have you join. Thank you for the kind words!

Would love to hear your thoughts on our existing social media templates, since you have experience in that! We have integrations with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.

If you have any questions at all, please do ask the community! We are here to help. If you’re looking for feedback on a build, the staff and community here are also happy to take a look. Just create a post, make the sheet live, and we can take a look.

Looking forward to seeing you around!

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