Integromat integration

Hey Dashdash team!

I know you are working hard on providing new integrations and I know that Twitter, Airtable etc are on the way soonish…

I have been working in integromat a lot lately, discovering how best to use the tool and hacking my way through some side projects with it.

I feel having a Dashdash integration with Integromat would be insanely beneficial to Dashdash as it would provide a roundabout way for people to further create their own integrations, just outside of the platforms UI.

Next moment I have a spare chance I will reply again to this thread with some ideas for what would be great functions to have inside integromat when it comes to a Dashdash integration. But if you look at what Google Sheets offers, something similar would be immediately beneficial!


Thank you for the suggestion @cwinhall!

We will look at the documentation and be on the lookout for your response to this thread :slight_smile:

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I’m building an app in integromat for the company I’m consulting with right now. So I will have a much better idea of how the inner workings of it in the coming week on how to set up an app to send data to integromat.

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