Instant Integrations in dashdash - Q&A

What are Instant Integrations?

Instant Integrations are integrations that you can access using only your dashdash account. No need to create and track accounts with multiple providers. No need to create API keys. No need to put your credit card in 10 different websites. Just connect the integration and start using the data within seconds.

What’s the benefit of using them?

You can do much more with your dashdash account, faster. Creating accounts with multiple services and setting up API keys is complicated and takes time.

You can also pay for data as you go. No need for several monthly subscriptions.

If you are already a customer of these services and want to use your own API keys, you can still do it with most of them.

Which services are included?

You can see a full list of our Integrations here inside your account. You can use them for tasks that require data, such as lead gen (e.g. Google Custom Search, Crunchbase), data enrichment (e.g. Hunter), maps functions (e.g. Google Maps), translation and analytics.

How much does it cost?

The prices of each function are documented on every integration page, such as here. They are generally per request and start at $0.01/request. Some lead gen functions are priced per record (row), so per company or contact record that you buy. All prices are net of tax.

For example, if you execute 100 requests to convert addresses into coordinates with our GEOCODE_GOOGLE functions, this will cost you $1.00.

How can I start?

When you connect your first Instant Integration, we will ask you to add a payment method. There, you can set up your dashdash billing account. You will further set a monthly spending limit and provide your credit card data and potentially additional billing information. After this initial setup, you’ll be ready to go. Just use the functions of this integration in any app. Attention, we will not warn you before we execute Instant Integration functions from now on, so we don’t interfere with the functionality of your apps.

Once you’ve set up your dashdash billing account, you can connect other Instant Integrations with just one click.

What payment methods do you offer?

We currently support VISA and Mastercard. Your credit card needs to support payments in USD.

How will I be charged?

You will execute your functions and we will send you one monthly bill at the end of the month based on your usage. If you reach $100 of spend within your first month, we will charge you this amount once in the course of the month.
You can manage your monthly spending limit and billing information in your Account Settings at any time.

How can I control how much money I spend?

You have a full overview of all your integrations usage on the My Usage page. You can see the number of requests made and costs per function on a monthly basis. Integrations where you have entered your own API key will show as “FREE”. If you want to change your payment information or your monthly spending limits, you can do so in the Account Settings.

What happens when I reach my monthly limit?

When your monthly limit is reached, we will show you a notification in your app that we cannot execute more requests. You can always update your monthly limit to a higher value in the Account Settings.

I’ve reached the largest possible monthly limit and need more data. How?

If you want to use more Instant Integration functions, please just contact us at We’ll be happy to increase your limit.