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We have had to change our Instagram password and as a consequence of this, my Rows integration is no longer working as it can’t pull data from Instagram – I can’t find anywhere in Rows to update my Instagram password – please advise…

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Hey @sludge7 :wave:t4: — thanks for reaching out.

For this, you will need to remove your existing Instagram integration from your workspace and add it back again to make it work.

Here are some instructions to make it work :blush:

Note: You will either need to be the owner or an admin of the workspace to both remove and add integrations.

Hope this helps but do please feel free to write back in case there’s anything else I could do to assist.

Hi –

Thanks for such a prompt reply, but…

It’s not working – see attached screenshot – it just keeps saying unable to delete integration…

Also, once I’ve succeeded in deleting it and then reinstating it, will I be able to carry on using the same sheet I’m using now with the existing data in it or do I need to start all over again?

Thanks again…

I just tried this on my account and I too received the same toast, indicating “Failed to delete integration” — I’ll reach out to our team and report this as a bug.

However, the integration was removed from my account, soon as the toast disappeared :sweat_smile: — after refreshing my page, I wasn’t able to see the integration as well.
Did the same happen with you too?

And yes — once you’ve reconnected the integration, you should be able to use the same sheet with all the existing data :blush:

In case the old Instagram integration is still showing up in your account, you wouldn’t necessarily have to wait for it to be deleted. As a workaround, you could connect the same integration again and make that the default one.

Aside: We only support the Chrome browser at the moment and so would highly recommend you to switch to that :pray:t4:

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