Instagram functions

Has any one started using the Instagram functions ? Wanted to track a number of Instagram business accounts and am having a problem. How is the integration to be done for multiple Instagram accounts ?

Hey Hari :wave:t4:

We will try and roll out templates that are easier to consume for general purposes at the earliest but in case you happen to have a specific format in which you expect the output to look like & consume, we can catch-up again and work on building an app that tracks the desired metrics together.

As for connecting multiple accounts for any integration, you can click the ‘connect’ button as many times on the same application from the integration page and then make use of our =ACCOUNT function to specify from which integration account you’d like to execute the function.

You’ll also find the ability to rename and mark a specific account as default within the same view too :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!


Sourabh - Cant get how to set up the multiple account feature in Instagram. I dont get the option that you have shown in the screen shot.
AM I making a mistake ?

@Hari - here’s a quick Loom video that should make it easier to navigate through the dashboard -

We can also catch-up over a quick 10-15 mins. Google Meet call if that’s more convenient.


Sourabh - Had to use incognito mode to set up. it worked.