Instagram Follower Growth - Stopped Tracking

Hi guys,

I’m using rows to track follower increase/growth on an Instagram account, and for some reason it just stopped tracking a couple of weeks ago.

I can see that it is still scraping the correct handle, and the schedule is set to refresh every day at 9am, with the next update for the following day.

Anyone know any reasons why it would have stopped tracking? Appreciate it’s hard to know with a screengrab but curious to hear if anyone else has had this issue?

Many thanks in advance for any help!

Hey @robnancollas :wave:t4: — thanks for reaching out!

In the Setup table, data from row 6 looks to be blank — could you please check and confirm if the formulas exist there?

If they were accidentally deleted, perhaps you could try reinstalling the template and running the workflow afresh :sweat_smile:

Thanks @sourabh for getting back to me here.

When i open up those cells in row 6 i can see that there are formula’s there, such as the below:
Screenshot 2021-04-26 at 17.53.02

Would appear that they aren’t working fully, and does to have ERROR in part of the formula, and insight on what that might be?


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Most times, we have a fairly contextual message displayed when you hover over a cell that contains an error but I can see that with the implementation of an IFERROR function, that would not be possible.

Might I ask you to remove those IFERRORs and let the integration / automation run normally for another day?
Should it throw another error, you would then be able to hover over those cells and review the note for better context.

At the moment though, I’m able to successfully have those functions return the right values on my account -