Hi guys! :slight_smile:

I’m currently building a lead scraping tool with dashdash.
After trying to figure out two formulas in my spreadsheet, which don’t really want to work, I finally surrender and kindly ask for your help :sweat_smile:

  1. After searching for companies, I would like to insert certain results into the next table. (company results to people table). For this I’m using the INSERT function. The function however doesn’t always work. Some companies get transferred , some just don’t get copied to the other table.
    As far as I understood, the formula should copy A2:H2 (and so on) to the next free row in the People Results table. Am I missing something here/ is there a better formula?

=IF(L2=“Copy Company”,INSERT(A2:H2,‘People Results (LinkedIn)’!A$1:H$1),“Press ‘Button’”)

  1. When the companies are then in the next table, I want to get the LinkedIn profiles that match the company name (column “A”) and the job titles in column “N”.
    I actually took the formula from the “find companies and leads”-template, but it doesn’t work properly in my sheet. It gives me people with the right job titles, but completely random companies without any connection to the company that I was looking for.
    Any ideas why this one isn’t working for me?

=IF(OR($P$1=“GET ALL”,P2=“GET PROFILES”),SEARCH_PROFILES_LINKEDIN(N2,A2,IF(O2,“true”,“false”)),“Press ‘Get Profiles’”)

Little additional question: when using SEARCH_PROFILES_LINKEDIN, is 100 results/ JSON Items the max you can get for one search?

Thanks so much for the input in advance! :raised_hands:

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Hey @JonasP :wave:t4:

Glad you reached out!

  1. INSERT function requires some reference to “headers” of a data set and that is the reason why you’ve not been getting data pushed to your People Results (LinkedIn) table. What I’d recommend is replacing the formula in cell M2 of the Companies (LinkedIn) table with:
    • =IF(L2="Copy Company",INSERT(RANGE2JSON($A$1:$H$1,A2:H2),'People Results (LinkedIn)'!A$1:H$1),"Press 'Button'")
    • Once M2 is replaced, please ensure to drag it down all the way down to replace existing formula in the rows below
    • Pro-tip: Perhaps use the UPDATE function with either the domain or linkedin or both as “keys”, so as to avoid any duplicates :wink:
  2. Based on the setup and formula in the image, it looks like you’re already trying to fetch profiles that are exact matches. For a moment, I figured you might get different results if we used boolean TRUE / FALSE as opposed to string (“true” / “false”) but that doesn’t seem to be the case either. If you could share a few references of the companies and the job titles that you’ve been trying to search, along with the formula and results that you get, I should be able to investigate further
    • However, you might always end up getting such profiles where the keywords entered are different than what shows up in the profiles because we run this service via Google’s programmable search (i.e. we don’t connect with LinkedIn APIs directly) and it picks up results based on its search algorithms (a bit of a black box) which could include fetching profiles that may not have the word in them but may’ve shown up in other spaces of the profile page - say, “People you may know” section of LinkedIn (I’m speculating here) - if that’s what is happening here, I’m afraid we may not be able to remedy that
    • I’m also considering that you’re using the formula exactly the way it’s shown in the image and not the one shared as text in the original post (where the exact_match part of the SEARCH_PROFILES_LINKEDIN function is placed in the country parameter)
  3. From a single execution in the SEARCH_PROFILES_LINKEDIN function, 100 is currently the maximum items that you can fetch; a workaround to get more is to run the same search but with different values in the country parameter. Say if we were looking for anyone with “Product” in their title at “Apple”, here’s what I’d do:

I hope this has been helpful but do please feel free to write back in case there’s anything more I could do on the same. Thanks.

Edit note: Changed H2 to M2

Hi @sourabh :wave:t3:

Thanks so much for your input!
The INSERT function works like a charm now! Gonna have a look at combining it with the UPDATE function! :blush:

Regarding the fetching of profiles I did some testing.
It seems that the Job titles have an impact on the results.
I use a list of job titles (around 50-60 titles in each list). When searching for profiles with just a few job titles, the results match my search criteria (both, company and titles). Once I use my list of job titles, the results include different companies again.

Is the amount of searchable job titles capped for the SEARCH_PROFILES_LINKEDIN function, and after that it just produces an error maybe?

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Thanks for experimenting with this and for sharing your insights. It’s interesting to hear that results vary based on number of roles you enter :thinking:

Except for a few platform limitations (ex: each cell can have a maximum of 2000 characters for formulas), we do not cap the number of job titles / roles that you can add - are you getting to see any specific error in the cell itself?

I’ve also passed on your remarks to our product team and it looks like you’ve not been alone in some of these findings :innocent: hopefully, we’ll be able to tackle these scenarios better and be able to provide more accurate, relevant profiles in the future.