Increasing Count to be > 10


Signed up to Dash Dash recently and trying out product. I’ve built a LinkedIn contact finder using the Custom Google Search API which pulls the data and works fine.

But I’m wondering how to increase the ‘Count’ number found in the data object of the request search results? So it can be higher than 10?

Some organisations have multiple target profiles and it would be useful to know if you can increase beyond 10.


P.S Product so fare looks awesome and looking forward to seeing how it can help our workflow in a number of possible ways.

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Hi @Sam_Frampton!

Thanks for posting! We’ll add an optional parameter to add several results pages to our Google Custom Search functions soon.

You can already use this now with GET, but you have to set up your own Google Custom Search engine as described in this post.

Once you did this and prioritize as Sites to Search, you can add a Start parameter to your request like this:

A1: Your API key
A2: Your Search Engine ID
A3: Your query, just like in the SEARCH_LINKEDIN_PERSON_GOOGLE function
A4: The start of the results list, e.g. 1 or 11 or 21 or 31, ...
A5: =get(""&$A$1&"&cx="&$A$2&"&q="&$A$3&"&start="&$A4&"")

Hope this helps! We’ll keep you posted when it’s part of the integration functions.

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