IFNA and IFBLANK function in DashDash?

Hi !

Does DashDash have an ISNA, ISBLANK function?
I only found the IFERROR function.

I want to send data in PipeDrive only if they are not #NA, BLANK or ERROR

Hey @Copilot,

Unfortunately, we don’t have an ISNA or ISBLANK function.

I’d suggest that you wrap an IFERROR around the functions in the cells that might result in an #N/A or ERROR. Your function could look like this:

IFERROR(PARSE(A1, "[object]"), "not available")

That way, you can make your Pipedrive function execution dependent on the "not available" string, like so:

IF(AND(B1<>"not available",B1<>""), ADD_CONTACT_PIPEDRIVE(....), " - ")

Let me know if that works for you!

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It’s working perfectly thank you! :grinning:

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