How to use buttons in dashdash


With buttons, you make your spreadsheets interactive and easier to use. Learn how to add them, using them and manage them a few simple steps :next_track_button:

Adding a button

To turn a cell into a button, go to the action elements dropdown and select “Button”.

Add a label to the button in the pop-up menu and press CREATE.

Using a button

Whenever the button is clicked, the cell value will change to the value of button label. The default value of a button cell is FALSE. You can use this value change to trigger an action inside your spreadsheet. To do this, simply add the condition within a regular IF() function:

B1: =IF(A1=“SUM”,SUM(10,20),“Press the button to sum 10 and 20”)

In this example, clicking the button will trigger the function SUM(10,20) and change the result of B1 to 30.

To add multiple actions to a button add multiple IF functions that are triggered by the button click:

B1: =IF(A1=“SUM”,SUM(10,20),“Press the button to sum 10 and 20”)
C1: =IF(A1=“SUM”,MAX(10,20),“Press the button to get the max”)

Note: The label of the button is case sensitive, so doing IF(A1="Sum"...) would not be triggered by the click of the button :no_good_man:

That’s it. Use buttons to search for companies inside Crunchbase, find people on LinkedIn or update the leads on your CRM.

Go ahead and build yourself the slickest spreadsheets of the office. We’re here to help if you need anything.

Happy building,

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