How to get your API Key for any Google Service

Hey Community :wave:

Did you know that getting an API key for the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) allows you to use it for any Google Service you like (i.a. Maps, Pagespeed, Translate, Places …)? :astonished::exploding_head:

How do you get one? :thinking:
Easy, just follow these steps!

:one: Navigate to the GCP webpage and sign in (you can’t miss it :joy:).

:two: Enter your console and navigate to API credentials.

:three: Create your very own API key :robot:

:four: Copy the API key and connect to any Google Service in dashdash! :man_technologist::woman_technologist:

Build cool apps with Google Services in dashdash

Provide the API key you’ve just generated when connecting to any Google Service in dashdash.

Head to our Integrations Marketplace and select the Google Service you’d like to connect to. Hit CONNECT.

Copy-paste your new API key here and click CONNECT again.

Done! Now you can build apps using the Google Custom Search - Site Restricted integration. Repeat this process for any other Google Service (Maps, Translate, Pagespeed).

Looking for some inspiration? Here are some cool apps we’ve built:

Happy building!