How to attach PDFs to send mails?

Hi guys,

I would like to automate my payment reminder process. The billing tool I am using is not supporting such a process.

The template “Send emails” helps quite a bit. However I need to attach the bills to those emails. The bills are in PDF format. Sometimes I need to attach several ones.

Is there a way I can attach PDFs?

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Hey @g.haenel :wave:t4: thanks for reaching out!

Being able to upload / attach a file is not supported on our platform at the moment but would your billing tool happen to have a link to the PDF file?
If so, we could explore the billing tool’s API to see how to retrieve 'em, where your end users could receive the payment reminders with the link to the PDF bill instead of an attachment.

Bonus: Here’s our tutorial series on automating tasks using dashdash :robot: