How I can format cells in a sheet?

I just started playing with Rows. My first little project is to create an online calculator.

I have been able to build what I need, but I want to format some texts (subheadings and instructions) in different font sizes and colors. And maybe a different font altogether.

Is there a way to do it? The options seem very limited.

Also, I want to merge some cells (by Column), because they are the subheadings and I want to go across several columns. Is that possible?

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Hey @Gilbert :wave:t4: thanks for reaching out. We currently only have the formatting options that are displayed in our format bar :sweat_smile:

We don’t have a way to change font sizes or use custom colors (only the ones that are available on our format bar). We don’t have custom fonts either.

Merging cells is also not possible at the moment but please feel free to upvote or add new feature requests here —

Hope this info helps!

That’s too bad. I had big hopes of using Rows to build some calculators to embed in posts and in pages on my website.

Without proper formatting, the one I just created looks dull.

I guess I have to wait until the product is more mature.