How can I retrieve more than 10 results with the new LinkedIn search functions?

Hi everyone,

I have been using the Rows template with the SEARCH_PROFILE_LINKEDIN function, which has provided up to 100 results per search request. This function has been replaced with several functions, amongst which there is the SEARCH_PROFILES_BY_COMPANY_LINKEDIN. However, it seems they do not deliver more than 10 results per request. Can anyone help me figure out how to retrieve more results with those new functions?

Thanks a lot!

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Hey @sprea :wave:t4: — thanks for reaching out.

While there’s no workaround to getting more than 10 results with a single execution from our new LinkedIn search functions at this point in time, I’d recommend running the same search but with different input values in some of the parameters; something like this -

An alternative to our LinkedIn Search integration would be using Google Search - Top Sites, where you set up a programmable search engine to look for results only from the * domain.

Here’s a template that could help you with it but should you need any help setting this up, I’d be happy to jump in on a call for a screenshare session too :raised_hands:t4: