How can I reference cells in another spreadsheet?

Im trying to reference cells from another spreadsheet, how can I do this?

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Hey @mick :wave:t4: — thanks for reaching out.

At the moment, you can only reference cells from one table to another and across pages but all from the same spreadsheet. We don’t have an IMPORTRANGE equivalent in Rows (yet :wink:).

As an alternative, you could use our Google Sheets integration as an intermediary where you push the data to a Google Sheet from one of the source spreadsheet in Rows and then pull it back again on the destination spreadsheet — happy to help you set this up too.

Thanks for your quick answer @sourabh , it’s much appreciated!

Crazy that this is not available yet, while you already offer all the awesome integrations with 3rd party services.

Seems I’ll have to wait a little longer before switching to Rows :slight_smile:

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