How can I contribute to Rows? How can I make the Rows community grow?

I would like to know how I can help the Rows community, how I can make the community grow. Is there any guide where I can read about this?

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Hey @negog79394 :wave:t4: love your enthusiasm! We don’t have any preset playbook for this but here are a few of my recommendations β€”

  1. Feel free to create different workflows that you think can help the community and share it with the rest of the world β€” How can I publish my template in Rows? - #2 by sourabh

  2. We have a discord group too in case you wish to case you wish to collaborate / contribute to our community β€” Rows HQ

  3. You can also apply to our affiliate program here β€” Affiliates | Rows

I’m sure there are tons of other ways too :smile: but I hope these help you get started.

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