Hide Rows and/or Columns

Hi All!

I am new to this service, and am coming from using Microsoft Excel. So far Rows is great and has a lot of potential! My biggest question/concern for right now is that I uploaded a copy of a spreadsheet that I use on a daily basis, but am having some visual issues.

I am by NO means the guy to go to if you want a pretty and nice looking spreadsheet…just not that creative enough I guess. But the sheet I use the most is full of formulas and calcualtions and such that I keep “Hidden” (Hidden Rows/Columns", which contain the behind the scenes stuff that really isn’t pretty and really doesn’t need to be seen, its just there to do the math or format the information or whatnot.

When I uploaded the Excel file to Rows, it imported just fine, but it is showing all of my behind the scenes junk that was hidden in Excel. So far I haven’t found a way to hide a Column or Row. I did a quick search and I saw a post from back in 2020 saying it was on the roadmap and should be implemented in a few months, but I am assuming it still hasn’t been integrated? Is there a way to hide entire rows or columns that I am just not finding?

Any help would be appreciated!


Hi @rtpguy82 ,

Unfortunately this feature is not yet implemented. At the moment you can only hide entire tables from live view.