Help need to extract data from excel and publish in website as graphs


I am new user and need help to explain how to extract data from excel and publish it on website as graph. Some input parameters would be sent to excel which has macros and works to load its data. This loaded data in excel needs to be extracted to publish as graphs reports on website.
Thanks and Regards

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Hey @Sudevelop :wave:t4: thanks for reaching out. I’m afraid we don’t have an Excel importer or a Rows API to have the data pushed from Excel to Rows directly :sweat_smile:

Would be great if you could upvote these feature request asks below —

  1. Import from CSV/XLS | Rows
  2. Rows API | Rows

Please feel free to add any new feature requests there too.


Thanks Sourabh for your quick reply. Highly appreciated. Regards. I will check on the feature request mentioned and revert back.

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Hi Sourabh - Need your help on below question.

I have one sheet uploaded on and I need to fill in with color gradient.

Excel sheet does offer me to put 3 level gradient but in there are rules I have applied but its not helping as gradient color.

Any suggestions?

Thanks and Regards

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Hey Su — thanks for writing-in again :blush:

Sorry if I misunderstood your inquiry but did you mean something like so —

Our teams are also actively working on improving our color pallet as it currently offers only preset colors :sweat_smile:

I’m afraid there’s currently no workaround to the existing color pallet that we have.

ok no worries.
Thanks a million for quick response.
Best Regards