Google Analytics - User does not have sufficient permissions


I tried to use “CUSTOM_ANALYTICS_GOOGLE” function to retrieve data from Google Analytics, but got this error message.

Can somebody give me a hint?

Thank you

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Hey @dimas :wave:t4: thanks for reaching out. This could happen due to a bunch of reasons:

  1. you may not have access to the Analytics account for which you’re requesting data — I suspect that may NOT be the case here and that you do have the appropriate permissions to access the analytics account
  2. the id input parameter is incorrect — sometimes, users use the UA-XXXXXX id which is not what’s expected. You’d instead need to enter the ID that you find under the Views section

This is also a little easier to debug over a live screen share session so in case you’re up for it, please feel free to DM or let me know here so I could help schedule a call where we could go over this together.

Hope this helps.