General feedback so far

Just some general notes as I move forward with the software :slight_smile:

  • The {data} modal width is not wide enough. I don’t see any specific need for it to be so narrow? Would even be nice to have a full screen option.

  • Search functionality. (Find and replace even better).

  • Ways to remove errors in cells or at least not display them as text? As using range2html displays the contents, eg #N/A. I would prefer it just displays an empty cell or even better my own predefined input instead such as “-”. =IF(cell = “#N/A”, “-”)

  • Hyperlink text and auto detected links automatically as hyperlinks

  • The ability to show an image url as an image inside the cell?

  • Hotkeys! :slight_smile: (E.G ctrl + b to bold text)

  • Having api keys visible makes me nervous. Can we put the contents of something behind a password or hidden in some way? Defining that a certain cell contains confidential info and it never shows the contents on the frontend?

  • Programming language (curl, php, python etc) to dashdash conversion. This may be not even possible but it certainly would break down the barrier of entry to use api’s. Each API documentation always gives examples in different languages. It would be sooo ideal to be able to “convert” that in to “Dashdash language”. See below for an example:

curl -X POST -u your-api-key:
-F file=@/path/to/input.jpg
-F data=’{
“resize”: {
“width”: 100,
“height”: 75

  • Rate limiting functionality. I am always going over the rate limits. It would be nice to have a way to input the api’s rate limit somewhere and everything is handled by Dashdash to make sure you stay within those limitations.

Hey Colin,

Thank you so much for the great feedback. I’ve shared it with the team as it will definitely help with shaping our product roadmap.

Regarding hotkeys, some of these are already available for you to use on dashdash. For example, ctrl/cmd + B/I/U for bold, italic, and underline as well as other spreadsheet operations like ctrl/cmd + R/D to copy and paste selected cells to the right or below.
Please let us know if there are others that you use frequently and would love to see on dashdash.

Thanks again!

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Hi @cwinhall

I work with product @dashdash. :alien: We received your message via @hadyelhady.

On your suggestions and comments:

  1. {data} explorer: we are redesigning the whole panel for more accessibility and better actions. We will release this really soon.
  2. search functionality: it’s on our pipeline!
  3. error formatting: we think this is a common challenge with spreadsheets, and we’re actively thinking about solutions to this.
  4. hyperlink text: very soon.
  5. display image url as images: on the pipeline!
  6. hot keys: as @hadyelhady mentioned, we already have a pretty good list. Any that you’d consider priorities?
  7. programming language 2 spreadsheet conversion: we think this is super cool, and in fact did a trial (with Python). However, multiple performance and security questions remain, so we will have to give it a longer thought. Potentially =CURL() is a more contained implementation. Do you have a case not currently covered by GET/ PUT/ POST/ spreadsheet formulas that you’d like to see converted?
  8. rate-limiting: we already have rate limiting for some integrations. Did you hit a limit in the integrations, or in a GET/ PUT/ POST?

I’d appreciate it if you’d send thoughts on 6, 7 and 8.


  • Humberto
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    • Alt + = (sum selected)
    • Alt + enter (new line inside cell)
    • Ctrl + 9 (hide row)
    • Ctrl +0 (hide column)
    • Something to allow to quickly go to the next “view” (sheet)
  1. The one I listed as an example is one I struggled with. If I came across another similar I will let you know via PM :slight_smile: I love the idea of a =CURL() function!

  2. Yes, I’m hitting it with GET/ PUT/ POST.