GA to Slack Issue

Hey there!

I connected these two. However only weekly report sent.
I couldn’t reach daily report in my slack channel. I can only see the message text in channel.

How can fix this?

Hey @serap :wave:t4: - thanks for reaching out!

While I’m working with our team to better understand the template structure, can you please confirm if you’re getting the right information from the weekly report section into your Slack channel?

Also, does cell E3 in the Daily report table have any formulas or is it just the text (message is here.)?
If there are no formulas in your spreadsheet, I’d recommend reinstalling the template & creating a new spreadsheet to see if you then get to see the right formulas.

  1. Yes, I got weekly report into the channel.

  2. Yes, E3 has a formula. - =IF(‘Setup’!E4=“Select view ID”,"",SCHEDULE(E1,“every day 11:50”)) - Also E4 has message. (message is here.)

Ah! My bad. I meant to indicate cell E4 in my previous message (not E3) but thanks for sharing info on both.

My recommendation would be to try installing the template once again, which would create a new spreadsheet and then running through the workflow once again.

The formula in cell E4 should be as follows -

=“Yesterday website stats
“&IF(IF(B9/B10-1>0,“increased”,“decreased”)=“decreased”,”:small_red_triangle_down:”,":white_check_mark:")&" Visits “&IF(B9/B10-1>0,“increased”,“decreased”)&” “&ROUND(B9/B10-1,2)&”% to “&B9&” visits
“&IF(IF(C9/C10-1>0,“increased”,“decreased”)=“decreased”,”:small_red_triangle_down:",":white_check_mark:")&" Visitors “&IF(C9/C10-1>0,“increased”,“decreased”)&” “&ROUND(C9/C10-1,2)&”% to “&C9&” visitors
“&IF(IF(D9/D10-1>0,“increased”,“decreased”)=“decreased”,”:small_red_triangle_down:",":white_check_mark:")&" Page views “&IF(D9/D10-1>0,“increased”,“decreased”)&” “&ROUND(D9/D10-1,2)&”% to “&ROUND(D9,2)&” page views
“&IF(IF(E9/E10-1>0,“increased”,“decreased”)=“decreased”,”:small_red_triangle_down:",":white_check_mark:")&" Average session duration “&IF(E9/E10-1>0,“increased”,“decreased”)&” “&ROUND(E9/E10-1,2)&”% to “&ROUND(E9,2)&” seconds
“&IF(IF(F9/F10-1>0,“increased”,“decreased”)=“decreased”,”:small_red_triangle_down:",":white_check_mark:")&" Bounce rate “&IF(F9/F10-1<0,“increased”,“decreased”)&” “&ROUND(F9/F10-1,2)&”% to “&ROUND(F9,2)&”%"

Note: copying the formula from this space may not be best adjusted inside the cell as the double quotes and emojis may not correctly paste as values there and so, I recommend installing the template once again, afresh.

Please let me know how that goes though :raised_hands:t4:

It’s already works with your formula! Thank you Sourabh!

Btw, I would like to track


and I put these all into formula in E1 - =CUSTOM_ANALYTICS_GOOGLE(‘Setup’!E4,CONCATENATE(">",YEAR(TODAY())),“ga:percentNewsessions,ga:organicSearches,ga:users,ga:pageViews,ga:pageviewsPerSession”,‘Setup’!B1,“ga:date”,"-ga:date") - to see in A-F7 cells.

Why all these metrics looks different in my Slack channel like; visits, visitors etc?

Glad that it helped :raised_hands:t4:

For better context on the custom metrics that are other than the ones in the template, you will also need to modify the formula in cell E4 as the words like Visits, Visitors, Page views, Average session, Bounce rate etc. are hard-coded inside the formula.

Okay. I did. But I think configuration down in this time. :frowning: There is no daily report anymore.

E1: =CUSTOM_ANALYTICS_GOOGLE(‘Setup’!E4,CONCAT(">",TO_TEXT(TODAY()-30)),“ga:pageviews,ga:users,ga:percentNewSessions,ga:pageviewspersession”,‘Setup’!B1,“ga:date”,"-ga:date")

=“Yesterday website stats
“&IF(IF(B9/B10-1>0,“increased”,“decreased”)=“decreased”,”:small_red_triangle_down:”,":white_check_mark:")&" pageviews “&IF(B9/B10-1>0,“increased”,“decreased”)&” “&ROUND(B9/B10-1,2)&”% to “&B9&” visits
“&IF(IF(C9/C10-1>0,“increased”,“decreased”)=“decreased”,”:small_red_triangle_down:",":white_check_mark:")&" users “&IF(C9/C10-1>0,“increased”,“decreased”)&” “&ROUND(C9/C10-1,2)&”% to “&C9&” visitors
“&IF(IF(D9/D10-1>0,“increased”,“decreased”)=“decreased”,”:small_red_triangle_down:",":white_check_mark:")&" percentNewSession “&IF(D9/D10-1>0,“increased”,“decreased”)&” “&ROUND(D9/D10-1,2)&”% to “&ROUND(D9,2)&” page views
“&IF(IF(E9/E10-1>0,“increased”,“decreased”)=“decreased”,”:small_red_triangle_down:",":white_check_mark:")&" pageviewspersession "

=IF(B1,MESSAGE_CHANNEL_SLACK(‘Setup’!B2,E4),“Check the ‘Send daily reports’ box”)

I don’t see any obvious flaws with the formulas or the set up from your screenshots and may need to work with you on the spreadsheet directly.

Let me DM you to see if we could set up some time for a quick call so we could go through this together over a screen share session — hope that’s okay :blush: