Formatting Slack messages in Rows


If you’re using our Slack integration, you’re more than likely sending messages to users and channels. However, maybe you’ve wondered how to add a little bit of extra formatting to your texts? Well, in this article we’ll take you through how to add some flair to your messages :sunglasses:. We’ll cover adding:

  • bold, italics, and strikethrough
  • inline and code blocks
  • quote blocks
  • emojis
  • line breaks

Bold, italics, and strikethrough

To add bold formatting to your text, surround it with asterisks ( * ).


I want *this* to be bold.

To add italic formatting to your text, surround it with an underscore ( _ ).


I want _this_ to be italic.

To add strikethrough formatting to your text, surround it with a tilde ( ~ ).


I want ~this~ to have a strikethrough.

Inline and code blocks

To add inline code to your text, surround it with a backtick ( ` ).


I want this to be inline code.

To add a code block, surround the text with three backticks ( ``` ).


Don't use the "\" mark before the three backticks
and this whole text will be in a code block.

Quote blocks

To add a quote block to your text, add a single right arrow ( > ) before the text.


> This will be a quote block!


There’re a two ways you can add emojis to your messages in dashdash:

  1. Use Cmd + Ctrl + Space (MacOS) or Win + Ctrl + Space (Windows) and insert an emoji.
  2. Use emoji codes.

The second option allows you to use your Slack workspace custom emojis.

Line breaks

If you want your text to have a line break, then just use Option + Enter (MacOS) or Alt + Enter (Windows):


There you go! Now you can add some flair to your Slack messages to give them some oomph! And just remember - you can use normal spreadsheet logic, such as IF statements or cell references, with your Slack messages.

Also, make sure to check our ready-to-go Slack templates!

Now, go out there and build :rocket:!