Find store locations with Google Maps

Hey community,

Do you need to find the location of the stores of a retailer in your city? With dashdash, you can build a store locator in just a few steps.

Once we’re done, here’s how the app will look like:

Let’s get started!

1. Setup the Google Maps Platform integration

First, follow our guide on how to get your Google API key and connect the Google Maps integration.

2. Select the retailer and location to analyze and send the request

Now we can start building our app. Open a new app and follow along.

B1: “Apple” (a retailer)
C1: “London” (a location)

3. PARSE the request to select the store location results

C4: =PARSE(B4,"['results']")

You can type the function above or simply use the data explorer and copy the “results” to the cell.

4. Use INSERT_DATA to automatically add the store names and addresses to the table

A6: “name”
B6: “formatted_address”

That’s it! In a few steps, you can build an automatic store locator :champagne: Now, change the location and add new stores to the list.

Need to know more about those stores? Use the data explorer in C4 and get the exact location of the store (lat, long), the store rating, and more.

Pro tip: You can also take advantage of the regular spreadsheet functions and count the number of stores with COUNT().

Happy building,