Find business using Maps API

Tried to use this guide to search for businesses and had to tweak some formulae and also put the lat/long coordinates as a data table. However, when I try to change the country/city etc all subsequent rows formulae disappear!

Is there something wrong I am doing in the logic as those rows are not where the new data is written (the headers are defined). For reference this was the post I used and tweaked: Find businesses around any location with Google Maps Platform

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Hey @AlphaTee :wave:t4: thanks for reaching out and sorry about the hassle. That’s a post from way back but I’ve now updated it with the right info.

Here are a few changes that might help —

Before (the cell references for the headerdata were incorrect):

Screenshot 2022-09-28 at 09.32.02


Screenshot 2022-09-28 at 09.33.03

I also changed the GEOCODE_GOOGLE function to GET_GEOCODE too in cell B2.

The whole set-up should now look/work like so —


Please let us know in case you’re still facing any issue with the same.

Perfect thank you for a prompt reply! Yes it works now. However, I notice if I change the city it keeps adding to the rows below the last query. Is there a reference that allows it to clear the prior search or an option to add/remove as it can be helpful for those who are filtering and gathering for multiple areas but may also chose to focus on area by area.

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I see. You may want to switch from our INSERT to OVERWRITE function in cell B9 :wink:

More here — Inserting data automatically | Rows

Ahhh perfect thanks for that! :slight_smile:

Off topic: Do you have a plan to offer a subscription basis for individual users? The current one is generous as it is (free!) and I’m almost afraid of losing it if one day you decide to price me out based on your paid tiers!