Find and track company trademarks

Hi dashdash fellas :wave:

If you’ve ever wondered which and how many trademarks your favorite brand holds or you’ve been in an urgent need to research the US trademarks database (USPTO), then the following use case is tailored to you! :eyes:

The Trademark Search API allows you to search for trademarks by company name and their trademark statuses (all, active, expired or pending):

Setting-up an automated app with dashdash is super easy - I promise… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

These are the 3 simple steps to follow:

  1. Register on the website and follow the instructions to get your own username + API key. :old_key:

:bulb: Up to 1,000 searches per month are for free.

  1. Create a new app in dashdash with the following inputs and generate a GET request to call the Trademark Search API in JSON format:

     B1: [your API username]
     B2: [your API key]
     B3: [your search query for exact match]
     (Alternative: search term can include asterisks * for wildcard search )
     B4: [status of trademark]
     (Two options: 1. "all" returns trademarks of all statuses , 2. "active" returns all active ones)
     B5: =GET(""&$B$3&"/status/"&$B$4&"/start/an integer/username/"&$B$1&"/password/"&$B$2&"")
     C5: =IFERROR(PARSE($B$5,"['trademarks']"),"-")
     B7: =IFERROR(PARSE(B5,"['count']"),"-")
  2. Retrieve the data from the JSON into a neat table with the following headers:

     A9: serialnumber
     B9: wordmark
     C9: description
     D9: code
     E9: registrationdate
     F9: owner
     G9: address
     H9: city
     I9: state
     J9: postalcode
     K9: statuscode
     L9: status
     M9: statuscodedesc

Done. As from now, you solely have to insert your new search query (B3) and status of the trademarks (B4) each time. The table will be enriched with the new data within seconds :hourglass_flowing_sand:

I told you, didn’t I? Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy :lemon:

In case you’re further interested in the Serial Number Search API, Description Search API or Expiration Search API - simply follow the API documentation on the website.

Happy Building :building_construction: