Financial modelling - can you do it in Rows?

New to Rows today - everything seems very ‘templated’ and focused on data analysis. Is it a platform that you can use to build financial models, and what are the advantages to doing this in Rows as opposed to Excel? Any thoughts very welcome - thank you :slight_smile:

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Hey @Lynne :wave:t4: thanks so much for reaching out!

At its core, Rows is a true spreadsheet where you can easily make use of your existing everyday functions like SUM, VLOOKUP etc. and by extension, even build financial models per your requirements :innocent:
We are still working towards enabling as many functions as there are on Excel/Google Sheets so you may not find a few, yet.

One of the best examples of building such models can be found here —

Some of the advantages would be that —

  1. You can bring in data from any external source / tool that have an API without relying on coding a script in VBA or lean on developers for assistance
  2. Given our publishing capabilities, you can easily open up a few cells (input fields) where you can have anyone enter values and see the model change in realtime
  3. Create timely automations (example: using our SCHEDULE function) so the entire workflow could run without much manual intervention

We also offer onboarding calls to our users so we could dive into some of the specifics of your particular requirements / challenges too and better address them.
Please feel free to book a slot based on your availability using our Calendly link here —

Hope this helps!

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