Filtering AirTable data based on blank columns

I feel like I’m maybe missing something very basic here or potentially just being stupid, but here we are. I’m trying to import the data from a specific View in AirTable.

I haven’t seen mention of View import anywhere so I’m guessing that isn’t supported yet, but no matter because the data I need has a field populated that is blank for other records. This is where I’ve hit a roadblock. Is there a criterion that exists like ISBLANK, EXISTS, ISNULL to filter based on the presence of a field? How should I approach this?

It would also be super useful to have a function cheatsheet like Google Docs has so new users can get an idea of what’s possible.

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Hey @Jon :wave:t4: thanks for writing in. You’re right about views — we only support tables and not different views at the moment :sweat_smile: however, I think we should be able to achieve what you’re looking for using our GET_RECORDS_AIRTABLE function.

Here’s an example — consider the following table in Airtable:

It contains 2 columns and say we wanted to import all the rows except the one where the Capital is Berlin. In that case, I’ll use the function in Rows like so —

While we don’t have an external list of all the functions, you can access them all by in a list format by clicking on our Function Wizard icon here —

To make things even simpler, I generally recommend users to simply start typing the function/activity they want to engage in and our autocomplete feature would show them the functions that currently exist on our platform, right from inside the cell too :innocent:

In case you’re looking for any integration-specific function, you can also always navigate to the integration page directly to know about which functions exist and what they do too — example: for Airtable, that would be this page where you can scroll down and then click on the Functions tab know more —

Hope this helps but please feel free to write back in case I could be of any further assistance.

We also offer free onboarding calls to our users to help them navigate some of these things too —

Thanks Sourabh, so is there a syntax I can use to filter for records that have any value (except blank)? Could I use * as a wildcard for example?

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Must confess: I didn’t know the answer to this one myself :sweat_smile: but after experimenting for a while, tried the not equals to operator <> and it worked.

Here’s the same example (with more data) — here’s the snippet of the table in my Airtable base:

And the function that I’m using in Rows is like so —

This will return results where that particular column is not blank.

Hope this helps.

Ah-ha! I knew the functionality must be there somewhere! Thanks for your help :slightly_smiling_face:

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