Fetch YouTube Stats from Data API - without OAuth


What are we really after?

For every video that’s listed publicly on a channel - STATS :point_down:t4:

Web app

Note: You’d first need an API key from your Google Cloud console - read this for more details.

You could then try this out on your own, here -


If you’re anything like me, then even you too dread the annoying OAuth way of obtaining authorization credentials :roll_eyes:

Lucky for us, the YouTube Data API supports 2 types of authorization -

  • OAuth 2.0
  • API keys

Obviously, this post would make use of the 2nd option to get stats for any publicly listed channel on YouTube using their Data API :sunglasses:

API Resources

  • Channels: list - you input the username or channel ID and the API fetches the playlist ID that buckets every single video that were ever publicly uploaded on the channel
  • PlaylistItems: list - once you get the playlist ID, this API allows you to query all the videos (i.e. the video ID) that the playlist holds
  • Videos: list - finally, given every video ID, we then get to fetch the relevant details i.e. name, upload date and most importantly, the stats


I blew through my YouTube Data API Quota for a day simply during random testing; albeit, I test like a mad-person and it takes a ton of trial & errors to make sure I get to cover all plausible edge-cases.


  1. I make use of 2 things from our action elements
    – Input fields
    – Buttons

  1. Invoke YouTube APIs using the GET function (none of their API resources that we use for this app requires anything else) and PARSE their JSON responses accordingly

  1. Finally, populate the table below with OVERWRITE_DATA & FILL functions

Sneak peak

This is how the setup looks like from the builder’s POV - I bet the design could be better :sweat_smile:


Now that you know (almost) all that you need, would you be able to build it by yourself? :smirk:

  • Yes, I get the idea
  • No, tell me more

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I can also always help you set this up too :innocent: once you’ve registered for our early access program, feel free to block some time using my Calendly link.

Let’s go! :rocket:
Sourabh | No-Code Builder