Facebook Post Insights - Issue

Hi, guys! First of all - you are crafting an amazing tool! Keep it up :slight_smile:

Here’s the issue I am stuck at:
I am trying to get post insights (=GET_POST_INSIGHTS_FACEBOOK), but this is the error I get:

"Match not found for the Facebook page name provided. Please make sure you add a Facebook page name that you manage."

It appears that I should somehow add as a variable which page does this post ID belong to in the formula.

I’ve tried reauthenticating the connectors, gave them all the required access, but still this issue persists.

I’ve also tried using the template “Get your Facebook posts insights”, but there’s still this error.

Do you have any idea why it might come up?

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Hey @ivanovzlatan — thanks for reporting this issue. I was able to replicate the same problem on my account too and have reported it internally as a bug.

I’ll keep you posted soon as and when I have more updates to share or when this gets resolved.

Sorry for the inconvenience :pray:t4:

Great, thank you for the fast response :slight_smile:

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@ivanovzlatan — we just deployed a fix for this issue :muscle:t4:
I tested it at my end too and it seems to be working fine.

Please feel free to try it from your end too and do write back in case you face any other concerns!

Happy building :tada: