Facebook Page Followers template problems

Hi Everyone,

I was using this built in template to get facebook pages follower count, but unfortunately it is not providing correct data. Sometimes it is pulling numbers from “Likers”, sometimes from “Followers”

Can anyone assist? or is there anyone with a template to capture followers from different facebook pages?


Thank you.

Hey @Juan_Bernardo :wave:t4: — thanks for reporting this.

Looks like when using the GET_FOLLOWERS_FACEBOOK function, we’re fetching the ‘likes’ as opposed to ‘followers’ — I’ll open a bug report for that.

Also, in the examples I checked, this was the case for all usernames — did you happen to have any usernames where you indeed received the ‘likes’ count instead?

@Juan_Bernardo — we just deployed a fix for this :muscle:t4:

Feel free to reach out in case you have any other question too.