Extract API data and log it

Hey all,
Im having no luck on extracting an specific value from API using GET (data is returned as JSON) and using =INSERT() and = SCHEDULE functions to log and chart it.
Anyone have an example?

Thanks all

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Hey @Flavio_Puhl_Jr :wave:t4: thanks for reaching out.

Our tutorial on Talk to any API helps users do just that :innocent:


We also have a video on a use case similar to the one you’ve described (except for the SCHEDULE) that you can watch here —

And, in case you’d want to extensively go through our documentation on each of these topics, those could be found here —

  1. Getting data from any API — will help with the GET function
  2. Inserting data automatically — using the INSERT function
  3. Scheduling and repeating actions — explains the SCHEDULE function

Please let me know if this helped and don’t hesitate to write back if you have any further questions on the same.

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