Error in API call

I am using my GOOGLE API key and am well within limits. Why is this happening ? Is it a functionality of ?

@Hari - please also help with the following so we could investigate further:

  1. Which Google API service are you using?
  2. What’s the error that you’re getting to see, and where?
  3. Looking at the screenshot, are you concerned about the Removed tag that is shown next to the httpget title?
  2. The message said you have exceeded your quota .
  3. Yes - What is removed ?

Thanks for sharing more context :raised_hands:t4:

Typically, that error message is an indicative of quotas being met by the YouTube API services, which would be decipherable better by looking into your Google Cloud Platform (GCP) console’s YouTube Data API Metrics and Quotas.

For example, this is what the Metrics table looks like on my account -

And here’s also a snapshot of what the Quotas would look like for different scenarios -

As for the Removed tag being shown next to the httpget title, this is an unexpected behavior that I’ve reported to our teams internally. We are developing a way where you can check the number of HTTP requests (like GET/PUT/POST) right from Settings > Usage on the dashboard - this is still a work in progress :sweat_smile: but thanks for pointing it out as well.

Should there be anything else that I could help clarify, do please feel free to write back.