Equivalent to google sheets' IMPORTXML formula?


is there an equivalent on Rows for IMPORTXML, the formula from Google Sheets?

I need to extraxt some hrefs from URLs but when I do it in Google Sheets it regularly just gets stuck in “Loading…” (apparently a common error).

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Hey @fabian :wave:t4: thanks for reaching out. I’m afraid we don’t have one yet in Rows :sweat_smile:

Please feel free to add it as a feature request ask here — https://feedback.rows.com/

Just so I understand this fully, you’re looking to pull out the hyperlinks from a website (HTML page) — would that be correct? Our team has been playing around with the idea to create functions that extract title tags, H1 references etc. (more from an SEO POV) but this would be an interesting case to comb through as well.

Hi thanks for your answer. For SEO that would also be an interesting use case; I am essentially talking about all elements of a specific website, but also filterable by element type (e.g. all hrefs; all videos; all images).

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