Embedding a table

Another suggestion :slight_smile:

Not sure if it is possible yet but I feel it is something that will be incredibly useful.

I would love the ability to get the embed code to embed a table, or even preferably a range of cells.


Hello @cwinhall—

Thanks for your idea.

  • we already have RANGE2HTML() that transforms a range into an HTML. However, its static, so that people send logs or alerts via email currently; use it with SEND_EMAIL, SEND_EMAIL_SENDGRID… other services will come later. We will extend this function soon so that you can add multiple ranges (multiple tables).
  • we are also working on a way to publish a full, live version of your work. That will come around the end of this quarter.

When you say “embed”, you mean in a webpage? And just the table (output, values, formatting) or you also mean live? I mention this because embedding something live can be problematic, especially as people employ functions that have cost.

Also, we have other many improvements coming up.


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Hey Humberto,

The range2html function is useful for some use cases but not specifically most of mine.

I need to be able to embed a range of cells with live data. (values). If not live, then at least on a schedule to be updated.

Looking forward to exploring this functionality with you if you’d like to discuss further.