Dropdowns input field

How do I implement an input field with a limited set of input options. Ideally, itโ€™s a drop-down with a pre-populated list of options.
e.g., US States Drop Down list

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Ah! Drop-downs & data validation โ€” yet another feature thatโ€™s on our list of things* that we desperately need :sweat_smile:

*you may recall it from here (item # 5) :point_down:t4:

However, a couple months ago I published this article where you could create a list of things and make use of checkboxes as radio buttons โ€” definitely not the same, but it addresses the problem of not having users enter an input but rather give them an option to select based on predefined ones.

Should you need any help setting this up, Iโ€™d be happy to assist :innocent:

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