Data from DashDash to Octoboard?

We are using Octoboard to display data that we have in Google Sheets at the moment. Can we use Octoboard to display data from dashdash in the future? Is there a plan to add API from dashdash for other data visualisation tools?

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Hey @John :wave:t4: thanks for the recommendation. While we don’t have Octoboard on our roadmap right now, I will share your feedback with our team for consideration in the upcoming quarters.

Data visualization and dashdash APIs are on the list - however, there just are a bunch of other integrations and challenges that we’ve prioritized for the next quarters.

What I’d have loved to do was explore being able to push data to Octoboard via their APIs using GET/PUT/POST requests in dashdash - but looks like they currently only have a Google Sheets integrations to load custom data and are working on adding REST APIs too :slight_smile:


We should have more news on this by next year :crossed_fingers:t4:

Hi @sourabh!
Totally understandable. I am sure your roadmap is very busy.
I am using Octoboard’s API already as they offer it to early adopters (and it did take them some time to build it :slight_smile: )
Thanks again for the response Sourabh. I will keep checking your upcoming releases!

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