Dashdash Update (7 November 2017)

Howdy pals :cowboy_hat_face:

The past 2 weeks we’ve been super busy increasing the performance of our platform. There’s much to talk about, but you will be especially pleased to know that:

  • PI() function is now live on the platform. Fans of 3.14 take note!
  • REPEAT() got a heart transplant. It’s much more stable and … happy.
  • PARSE() is more bullet proof then ever.
  • Displaying error labels was improved.
  • Understanding and changing cells content formats is much improved.
  • Copy-Paste and Cut-Paste of cells and ranges had some bugs. Now they’re fixed.
  • A bug where sometimes you’d drag a range instead of clicking a cell was fixed.
  • Views deletion is now faster and more stable.

See you next week!