Dashdash Update (7 February 2018)


The cool updates for this week are:

  • Complete overhaul of dependency triggers. This fixes some bugs where under some special circumstances updating a cell would trigger dependents on the wrong order, executing some of them multiple times or at the wrong order.
  • Improved formats of returned functions. Now the functions NOW()and TODAY()return actual dates.
  • Improved formats of calculations and dependents. Currency + number = currency. Date + number = date. And many more.
  • Fixed a bug of RIGHT()and another in IFERROR().
  • Added the App name to the browser tab.
  • Fixed copy-pasting from external applications into dashdash, and vice-versa. This was causing blank lines to be inserted and an occasional character to be chomped out.

Keep the :bug::bug::bug: coming, we’ll keep :telescope: and :gun::crossed_swords::skull_and_crossbones: them!