Dashdash update (28 February 2018)


This week we’re :newspaper: announcing a few :rocket: improvements:

  • :fast_forward: Faster refresh times. When computing long sequences of cells, especially those that include slow results like GET() and POST(), we now send intermediary results to you so that you see the cells that were already calculated, instead of having to wait for all of them to return.
  • :red_circle: Circular reference detection. Now we detect any kind of circular reference, and we highlight every cell in the circle, and also you can break the dependency circle in any cell.
  • :eyeglasses: multi-view preview. You can now refer to cells in other views. We’re still working on making this better, but you can already try it out!
  • :running_woman::running_man: We introduced speed improvements throughout the platform. You should expect super-fast calculations now.

Minor :bug: stuff:

  • Improved how MONTH() handles dates and datetime.
  • Improved how INSERT(), UPDATE() and FILL() handle formats when inserting cells.
  • Corrected a bug where under some circumstances, using FILL() to copy cells that have a PARSE() and GET() would trigger the wrong order of cell calculation.
  • Improved the way CONCATENATE(), CONCAT() and & handle the types of cells.
  • Fixed a bug where a date or datetime inside a criteria range of SUMIFS() would make that SUMIFS() return a date or datetime.

More news soon!