Dashdash Update (27th November 2017)

Hello people! :loudspeaker:

Last week we were super busy meeting our users (you), and this week we have many great news on the platform!

  • FILL() performance was significantly improved. It should be 2x-3x faster now!
  • We have released the IFERROR() function.
  • New math functions! ABS() and PI().
  • Fixed a bug where deleting ranges with formulas sometimes left a few cells behind.
  • Fixed a bug where a REPEAT() would sometimes execute twice on the first evaluation.
  • Fixed a bug where copy-pasting and cut-pasting a range with formulas would sometimes paste values only.
  • Fixed a bug where dependents, in particular from IF() formulas, would sometimes not be evaluated.
  • Fixed a bug where IF() would sometimes not display the error from its parameters.
  • Improved REPEAT() stability.
  • Introduced a timeout for GET() and POST() requests of 30s.

More coming really soon!