Connect to complex API of 10.000FT

hello there,

i am trying to connect to our 10.000FT account ( via the API - there they require to log on the following way:

curl -X GET \
  -H "Content-Type: application/json"
  -H "auth: TOKEN"

how do i do this also with the “” in Rows via the GET request, i tried the following and do get only “message: invalid or missing auth token” although the tollen is 100% correct?

I used:
Where H5 is:
\ -H “Content-Type: application/json” -H “auth: xyzxyz”

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Hey @RoGe :wave:t4: — thanks for reaching out! I did sign up for 10000ft trial account to test it myself but looks like they don’t provide API access during the trial period.

In any case, could you try replacing the cell contents in H5 with the following -


Also please replace the TOKEN with the actual auth data :blush:

Let me know how this goes and should you need more information on connecting to 3rd party APIs, feel free to refer our documentation here.

very nice, this does work great! @sourabh!
thanks for the help, i don’t have a deep API experience so this was super helpful.
now I just have to sort all that data to fill the correct fields :wink:

it would be great if there would be a 10.000FT integration onto Rows, but maybe i can manage :wink:

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Glad that this helped :raised_hands:t4:

As for ensuring that the JSON data is transformed appropriately to their respective rows & columns, I’d recommend exploring our article on inserting data automatically and should there be any specific data point that you require to be placed on a certain cell, you could also parse data manually.

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