Company Search Not working

The company search function is not working since morning for me. I have been trying periodically to see if it is restored .

I would suggest that in case of such situations where services are down , a status may be posted such that we can just check a URL and know that some services are down . We can check the same URL to see if status is restored to normal.

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Hey @Hari - thanks for the suggestion. In fact, it was just yesterday that @henrique and I were talking about working on a status page project — will definitely be working on it.

Also, based on your email this morning, I’d opened an incident internally on this and looks like we have fixed the SEARCH_COMPANIES function already — just tested =SEARCH_COMPANIES(">1","London","Internet") and it gave me a list of a 900+ companies.

I also tested this template that makes use of the required function and it worked fine too.

Could you please check once now and let me know if you’re still facing any issues?

I’ll also check the loom video that you’ve shared over the email and reply with more details there.

Worked now for some time and again giving errors.

I see. The incident is still open and ongoing.

I’ll ensure to keep you notified soon as I hear from our team on the same.

@Hari - thanks for being patient with us on this :raised_hands:t4:

The SEARCH_COMPANIES function is working now!
There were some issues with the latest version of the function but we’ve rolled back to the last stable one and the corresponding templates should work as expected.

In case you continue to face any issues with it, do please let us know.