Community Spotlight: Darwin Binesh

Say hi to our very first Community Spotlight :wave:

Darwin hails from Vancouver, Canada, and is a man of many talents - marketing operations, biz dev, sales, web dev services. He’s currently working as the Director of Operations at Periphery Digital, a bilingual digital marketing agency in Vancouver.

Recently, Darwin launched Ship 21 In 2021, a built-in-public experiment to see if he could launch 21 side-projects in 2021. He uses Rows for support with finding data, tracking social accounts, creating content, sending Slack messages, and much more. “It’s been a real time-saver!”

Darwin describes his spreadsheet skills as a beginner, which is one of the reasons he went with Rows when he first discovered us over a year ago.

As a beginner, he didn’t want to learn all the spreadsheet fundamentals, but still needed to use spreadsheets in his day-to-day work.

Why Rows? Using integrations in his work (his most used is BuiltWith) made it simpler and saved time. It also helped that the UI was much easier to use, and the overall aesthetic was attractive enough to give spreadsheets directly over to clients, without having someone take the time to reformat the look.

Darwin’s tips for Rows newbies?

  • For people with beginner spreadsheet skills, start small. Don’t aim to accomplish big things when you’re just starting. Build small things and then slowly build up the sheets.
  • Having problems? He encourages you to speak with the Customer Support team. Unlike other spreadsheet platforms, you generally have to google problems to find the answers. “Here, the team knows best.”

You can find Darwin at @darwinbinesh on Twitter or subscribe to his newsletter at

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