Can't do maths on the results of VLOOKUP

Hi there,

Been doing some work with one of my spreadsheets and have 2 columns, both with VLOOKUP results in from different views. I can’t do any maths on the results it seems.


C5 = VLOOKUP(A5,'RAW1'!$A$2:$V$346,22,FALSE)*1000 = £ 35269000
D5 = VLOOKUP(A5,'RAW2'!$A$2:$O$427,15,FALSE) = 93,663
E5 = C5/D5 = #VALUE

Not sure this is intended behaviour!

P.S. Is a ‘thousands separator’ in the works at all? Would be nice to make things more readable. In the example above, this is the formatting of the data I copied over… Be good to be able to change it in DashDash :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!

Hi @benmorris

Thanks for bringing this up.

The issue is that in dashdash we use “.” instead of “,” to represent decimal cases. That is what is causing the error in E5. If you convert the “,” to “.” it should do the trick.

For now, while we don’t have a specific setting for that, you can use Find & Replace (triggered by the CMD+F or CTRL+F key). Here’s how:

Yes, we should have a thousands separator! It is not in the works yet but we’ll add it to the roadmap (don’t have a timeline for it yet).

Thank you,

Thanks @henrique. I had a go with the find and replace but you can’t replace something with nothing sadly so I had to go back to the excel source and remove the thousands separator…

Despite Excel storing the number as a number (the same way you do it in DashDash), if you have a thousands separator enabled in Excel and then copy data over to DasdDash, the separator seems to get carried over which means it’s a copying issue.

Thanks for the tip on Find and Replace - let me know if you can add the ability to replace something with nothing, I.E. find all commas and delete them!