Can I teach Rows online courses? Am I infringing on something of your brand?

I’m thinking of creating a YouTube channel to get some money from subscribers. In my case, I’m going to talk about things like open source and rows. I want to know if by making videos about the use of Rows I am infringing any copyright and would be prosecuted in that case.

My question is about this, because before making these videos I would like to consult in the community what rights I have as a Rows fan and user.

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Hey @negog79394 :wave:t4: appreciate you checking in.

  1. Yes, you can teach a Rows course online — we’d be happy to help in any way we can too :innocent:
  2. No, you’d not be infringing on copyright by doing so

Hope this helps!

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@sourabh hey there! thank you for feedback! you are amazing

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