Build your personal daily vocabulary app

Hey dashdashers :wave:

Consistency and persistence are often the key for reaching your personal goals. :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Let’s assume you would like to learn a new language, such as Spanish. A huge part of the battle, hereby, is to acquire new vocabulary on a frequent basis. While handling a full-time job, having other time commitments or simply being lazy :yum: - it’s easy to neglect that…

Here comes the good news :partying_face:

With dashdash, you can build your personal daily vocabulary app for multiple languages and vocabulary. You decide the amount of vocabulary, the frequency and the languages:

Here are the 6 simple steps to follow:

  1. Register on RapidAPI for Words API and get your own API key. 2,500 word requests per day are for free. In our app, the word generator will give you each day 5 new random words.

  2. Connect to the Google Translate integration in dashdash in order to use the TRANSLATE_GOOGLE() function to translate those 5 random words into the respective languages - in our example: Spanish and German.
    (Hint: if you wish you can also use the Microsoft Translator Text or DeepL integrations instead)

  3. Create a new app in dashdash and insert the following input parameters:

     B1: [your name]
     B2: [your e-mail address]
     B3: X-RapidAPI-Key
     B4: [your API key]
  4. Insert the respective functions executing the random word generator in combination with the words’ translation (step 5). As an example, we obtain 5 random words translated from English into Spanish and German with the REFRESH() function set to 1x per day:

     B5: =PAIR2JSON(B3,B4)
     B6: =GET("",$B$5)
     C6: =GET("",$B$5)
     D6: =GET("",$B$5)
     E6: =GET("",$B$5)
     F6: =GET("",$B$5)
     B7: =REFRESH($B$6:$F$6,1,"d")
  5. Let’s build our vocabulary output table:

     A9: #
     A10: 1
     A11: 2
     A12: 3
     A13: 4
     A14: 5
     B9: English 🇺🇸
     B10: =PARSE($B$6,"['word']")
     B11: =PARSE($C$6,"['word']")
     B12: =PARSE($D$6,"['word']")
     B13: =PARSE($E$6,"['word']")
     B14: =PARSE($F$6,"['word']")
     C9: Spanish 🇨🇴
     C10: =TRANSLATE_GOOGLE($B$10,"","ES",TRUE)
     C11: =TRANSLATE_GOOGLE($B$11,"","ES",TRUE)
     C12: =TRANSLATE_GOOGLE($B$12,"","ES",TRUE)
     C13: =TRANSLATE_GOOGLE($B$13,"","ES",TRUE)
     C14: =TRANSLATE_GOOGLE($B$14,"","ES",TRUE)
     D9: German 🇩🇪
     D10: =TRANSLATE_GOOGLE($B$10,"","GER",TRUE)
     D11: =TRANSLATE_GOOGLE($B$11,"","GER",TRUE)
     D12: =TRANSLATE_GOOGLE($B$12,"","GER",TRUE)
     D13: =TRANSLATE_GOOGLE($B$13,"","GER",TRUE)
     D14: =TRANSLATE_GOOGLE($B$14,"","GER",TRUE)
  6. Last step - build the e-mail output table:

     A16: Subject 📩
     B16: Message 📝
     C16: Range2HTML 📊
     D16: Notification 📬
     A17: Your daily vocabulary 🙋‍♂️
     B17: ="Hi "&$B$1&",<br><br>Please find below your daily vocabulary dosis:<br><br>"&C17&"<br><br>Happy learning!<br><br>Best regards,<br>The dashdash team"
     C17: =RANGE2HTML(B9:D14)
     D17: =SEND_EMAIL(B1,B2,A17,B17)

¡Listo! As from now, you’ll receive every day your new vocabulary table directly sent to your e-mail address. 5 x 30 = 150 new vocabulary per month! Let’s go :nerd_face:

Happy building :building_construction: