Bug report submission location

i.e. a simple one is that Rows — The spreadsheet where teams work faster is dead. couldn’t find anywhere to mention in support and have had a good twitter dialog with co-founder and don’t need to tweet minor bugs.

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Hey @seanmcdonald :wave:t4: — thanks for reaching out!

We’re working on having a more in-app approach on where users could report these issues, you’ll see some major improvements on that — soon :wink:

Could you also please let me know where did you get to see that link?

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Row 2 last word of description paragraph links to an article after code snippet for SCHEDULE ()

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Thank you :heart: I’ve fixed it for now and the changes should be reflecting on the main article, shortly!

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Hey @seanmcdonald — it’s here :relieved:

We’ve got a new support tool-stack to enable a bunch of such needs that I’m hoping you and many others would take advantage of.

  1. We now have an in-app chat feature available that you could access by navigating to the top-right corner of your dashboard when you’re logged in :muscle:t4: (it’s under the :grey_question: menu)
  2. For any feature requests or feedback, head over to feedback.rows.com and tell us what you think you’d want to see happen on the platform
  3. A status.rows.com page to subscribe & get notified from should something, somewhere chooses to just not feel like working :sweat_smile:

I know it’s been long but we’re always happy to hear from our users :fire: