Brandfetch API get or post requests

Hi all,
I’m not having much luck formatting an API request to get logos with brandfetch and wonder if anyone can assist?

Their docs:

I have tried
=get(,[‘x-api-key’: the-api-key,‘Content-Type’: ‘application/json’],0)

I have also tried this formatting for the headers part as this has work for other API queries with dashdash/rows: ‘{“Authorization”:“Basic ‘&BASE64(the-api-key)&’”}’



Hey @Jak :wave:t4: — thanks for reaching out!

Are you trying to fetch a company’s logo and referring to the following request?

If so, this requires a POST function and not GET. Here’s how you could make it happen -

Or, feel free to follow the break-down as below -

A1: x-api-key
A2: Content-Type
A3: Header
A4: domain
A5: Body
A6: POST request
B1: (enter the-api-key)
B2: application/json
B3: =PAIR2JSON(A1,B1,A2,B2)
B6: =POST("",B3,B5)

To know more about working with different APIs inside Rows, please feel free to refer our documentation on it here.

Hope these help and don’t hesitate to write back in case there’s anything else I could help you out with.

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that’s fantastic! thanks so much for your help :slight_smile:

with your assistance i’ve been able to get the branding colours and logos of a few different companies and structured the page like this:

result =

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Absolutely love it :raised_hands:t4:

If you’re open to it, feel free to share your workflow as part of our Show and Tell too :wink: