Am I using Hunter correctly?

As I mentioned in my other post, we’re in the process of sending out a monthly email and thinking about using Hunter to verify the deliverability of email addresses to minimise our bounce rate.

Unfortunately I’m not sure I’m using Hunter correctly?

In column C I’m using the =VERIFY_EMAIL_HUNTER( ) function and passing in valid email addresses that are stored in column A

Column D then outputs the result as either “undeliverable”, “risky” or “deliverable”.

This data set contains users from 400+ different organisations, so I fully expected some to be undeliverable but I was a little taken aback by just how many (>70%!) were coming back as undeliverable.

Out of curiosity, I picked a few at random and emailed them manually, with 0 bounces so far.

I’m a little confused now as how to proceed. Am I not using this function correctly?, or misinterpreting the results?, or is this something that I should contact Hunter directly about?


EDIT: I went back though the input email address to check for leading or lagging spaces or any other stray characters that might mess with the results, but so far I can’t see any.

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Hi Domhnall,

As mentioned in the other post, I would actually recommend trying out ZeroBounce. While Hunter is great for retrieving email addresses, ZeroBounce can provide better results in terms of deliverability results.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if you’d like me to help you set up ZeroBounce.

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Thanks @hadyelhady - that really helped! :+1:

I had originally started out using Zerobounce (Column B) but when I saw my first 10 results were all “valid” I then assumed that the =VERIFY_EMAIL_ZEROBOUNCE( ) function was just for checking whether or not the emails existed. Since my emails come from a list of our users, I thought it was the wrong function for the job.

Anyway, with your help I was able to discover the following:

The yes, no, maybe categories are based on the Zerobounce Status Codes

This was much closer to what I was originally expecting to see.

To test this out, I emailed one of the invalid addresses and sure enough it bounced:

*Yes, I changed the email for the screenshot!

I tested 100 emails with Hunter and with Zerobounce - it’s pretty startling how big the difference is.

Thanks again Hady, I’ll use Zerobounce for the rest of the dataset and hopefully we’ll be able to dramatically reduce bounce too.

I guess the clue was in the name … zero. bounce. Not sure why I initially thought this was the wrong function to use. :man_shrugging:

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